Friday, July 13, 2012

Bubble Maps Gone Wild!

This is bubble mapping to the Max!  After visiting and reading a bit about the world's largest cave system, Mammoth Cave, we decided to record our learning using an online mind mapping site called MindMeister.  This is just one site of many that allow users to create a collaborative mindmap in REAL time!
 Super fun for everyone!  Students get encouraged to work quickly and search their minds for any related knowledge they have to add to the map before others do!  Wishing for a class set of laptops to be at your disposal? Yeah, me too!  This was a great way to squeeze in some of those technology skills we are supposed to be squeezing in to the 101 other things we teach day after day.  MindMeister also allows you to easily import images into your map.  I think that I may use this at the beginning of the year to record our "getting to know you" items.  It could lead to interesting conversations of just how small our world really is as we begin to see all the different connections that can occur!  Looking forward to having lots of fun  with this.  The down side? $$$$.  You get 3 free but then you have to pay for a subscription :( MindMeister also has an app for the IPad!  There are other sites, so I'm still searching for one that has a heart for educators.  Feel free to share how You would use this.  Readers would love to hear your ideas!

Create your own mind maps at MindMeister