Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dog Days of Summer

This is the point when youngsters all over begin to get antsy for school to resume!  Why? They miss their friends, the toys, and honestly, they miss the constant abundance of new things to learn and wonder about!  This matter had me searching out new opportunities to keep my kiddos busy until school resumes.  I cam across a true gem.  So you ask, "what do you give the kid who seems to have every toy under the sun?"  This is a fabulous gift idea for the young learners you know!  It's a product of for kids aged 3-6.  Depending on the package you choose,
you receive anywhere from 1 box to 1 box a month for a year.  Each both contains 3 projects with all the supplies you need! Of course, all projects are educational at the core.  How's that for convenient!  I wish they had this for older kids!  Bring the "wonder" back into childhood and give the gift that is bound to please!  Go to the link posted above to see the video on how it works. I can't wait to give the gift of wonder!