Sunday, September 16, 2012

Is Talking ticking away your time?

Looking for a solution to behavior management and communication I stumbled upon  I am excited to see what this will do in my classroom.  I have been struggling with this extremely chatty class and transitioning.  It is taking us at least 5 minutes to be fully engaged from one activity to the next!  Any teacher in today's fast paced classroom, knows that we don't have that kind of time to waste.  Day after day I am having to rework my plans because we are not getting to everything.  So, then it comes down to....well, crack down!  Time to put a stop to certain behaviors.  Filling out note after note, and mark after mind is weary of time spent on things that are not what is on my lesson plans!  However, my need for consistency keeps me going, only to find out that notes are not being brought home or are somehow "lost" in transport.  Behavior charts are being "misplaced" or even adjusted to reflect a much better day than was earned!  It's way too early in the year for my hair to turn usually doesn't do that until the 100th day of school!  And so, comes my hopes for Classroom DoJo.  It is an online resource that allows you to digitally track and bank positive deposits and negative withdrawals by student.  It creates an auditory sound to allow students to hear the +/- behaviors being tracked as well.  As the teacher, I can set up a rewards system by point level.  Students may choose to cash in or continue saving.  Teachers can also email reports to parents, both daily and/or weekly!  An answer to prayer if you ask me!  Bye-bye clip charts, behavior binders, and endless record keeping that is difficult to stay on top of.  With Classroom DoJo, I can even use my smart phone as a remote to bank student points!  Did I mention that it's 100% FREE!