Monday, July 9, 2012

Service Learning Projects Energize

After reading an article in the recent issue of Inspire, the Alumni magazine for the College of EDU and Human Ecology, I am truly inspired!  I have been kicking around a service project idea since reading What Difference Do It Make? but was unsure how to proceed.
 As an educator in today's classroom, and the wife of a soon to be pastor, I walk a fine line between educating and serving, but that is an entirely different story altogether!  I want to tie our character education into community service.  I want to instill within our students the value of giving and the power they hold when they work as a team.  I believe I have found my answer!  If you have experience in service learning projects or stories to share, please feel free to pass your ideas, tips and inspirations along.

For further resources on getting a service learning project started, please visit:

sequel to 
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