Sunday, August 26, 2012

Through the whirlwind and frenzy, Teachers stand ready!

Hard to believe that the first day of school is here!  Little ones and their teachers, all across the country are anxiously sleepless as they await the first day of school.  Never have I been able to sleep through the eve of the first day, without abruptly awaking several times only to discover my alarm was hours away from going off!  You would think after the eternally long week I had last week that sleep would not be an issue.  But teachers, just like the kiddos, hope for nothing less but the perfect first day!  First impressions go a long way to set the tone for the here's to hoping for the very best!  Take a moment to pray for all those who enter into school tomorrow for the first day.  Teachers, students, administration, support staff and parents alike, all play a strong hand in the success of our future.  I myself, plan to pray hard, teach my heart out, and trust that I have somehow changed the future for the better!  Happy First Day Y'all!