Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What's the opposite of "biggering"?

Running out of space in my classroom to put up ever important anchor charts, posters, words, words, and more words, I have begun the process of shrinking my posters!  Here is my new birthday chart!

Cute, easy to update and best of all small!  This year I have gone with a Dr. Seuss theme and I'm loving it.  I am tying all of my character education lessons to Dr. Seuss books as well!  I can't wait to share when done!  Check out my behavior chart below!

Yet another space saving change!  I put each stage along the bottom of a white board.  The white block is your standard good day with no level changes.  I then glued magnets to bottle caps and put numbers on each bottle cap with standard dot stickers.  These are both small, colorful, and easily manipulated.  

Hoping your back to school week is going smoothly!