Monday, February 3, 2014

Hard to believe, it's CURRENTLY February!

This was Fun!!  Thanks to Oh Boy, 4th Grade  for setting up this linky party!

Listening:  I currently have 1 healthy member of my household aside from myself (knock on wood!!) So ready for the roller-coaster weather ride to be over.

Loving:  I am loving the easy to use, no mess, gas fireplace that provides me with much needed extra heat (so that I won't get in "trouble" for bumping up the thermostat once again!!)

Thinking:  About all the things that I SHOULD be doing instead of having fun blog hoppin' around this evening.

Wanting:  I want...and now you are all my witnesses, to be better about posting to my blog.  I have so much to share but get caught up in the day to day bustle and forget to take the time to just sit down and do it.  Maybe you all will help to hold me accountable!  My aim is weekly....maybe every other??

Needing:  I need to quit putting myself at the end of my to-do list! Today I actually got up and let my daughter get her own breakfast while I ran on the treadmill!!  I felt great all day because I took 20 minutes to spend on me!!  (I know that's not much for all you runners out there, but I'm a little...ok a lot out of practice).  I need to take care of myself so that I CAN take care of everyone else.

2 Truths & A Fib:  I have traveled to Hong-Kong to see where my father grew up.  I am a first generation American in my family and it was a blessing and incredibly eye-opening experience to see where my father came from.  As Americans, we take so much for granted and we don't even realize it!!

I have a rearranging fact if there was a support group, I should probably attend.  Maybe it's a need for Feng Shui....or maybe I never want to be stuck in a rut...who knows? I am always searching for the "just right" arrangement that makes everything flow nicely...this includes my classroom...

My favorite color is not black, although you wouldn't know it since 90% of my wardrobe and furniture is indeed black (it goes with everything right?)!  My favorite color is yellow :) and I have recently made a conscious effort to include yellow in my decor!!

Now it's your turn!  What are you currently up to?