Monday, November 25, 2013

Reading with Reflection and Response at any Age

From Silly Sally to Pumpkin Town, reading is an integral part of any classroom.  Just as important is what you do to extend the reading experience.  I believe that no matter how simple, engaging the brain in multiple ways through creation (pictures, crafts, discussion, silly songs, etc.) take reading and understanding to a whole new level.

We had such a great time exploring rhyme and the letter "S" this week.  Now, I realize that I may have extremely high expectations of all my students...but it never fails to surprise me when they meet or exceed them!  After reading Silly Sally to my class I showed them how to respond through drawing.  Then I showed them how they could label their pictures if they wanted to.  Keep in mind that these kiddos are fresh fours and check out what they did!
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