Sunday, February 16, 2014

In Love in February

Linking up with Lucky to be in First with a February linky party!!  So many cute ideas on this blog!

I am so incredibly blessed to be married to this man!   He makes my life incredibly fulfilling and is truly my best friend!!

I can't believe how big they are getting!  People always tell you it all goes by so fast.  You don't believe them when you are in the thick of changing diapers or getting up every 3 hours to feed...and then you look at the calendar one day and your baby is well...old!!  Cherish each day my friends!

Just ask my family and they will tell you that I love Antiques and things with character.  I especially LOVE repurposing items.  My dining room table is an old door with the plate glass windows that I use for shadow boxes!!  LOVE this table.  Above are some really old chairs that had been painted once and were badly chipped so I made my own chalk paint and dark wax and viola....the look I LOVE so much!!

Now that I am in a preschool room with CRAZY strict rules about screen time...which is basically non existent, I don't get to do a whole lot with this, but I still enjoy learning how to use all the new technology tools that are becoming more and more available to our students.  (I totally understand the restrictions....I just miss using it in my classroom and sharing with the parents)  I used to have a super involved website that allowed my parents to see all the cool things that went on in my room.  Now I have all these videos that I would love to share with my parents but am stuck as to how...any ideas out there?  Please comment below.  I do LOVE Animoto and use it frequently to share with parents and my personal friends and family.
For the past 6 mos we have been using essential oils to cure all kinds of common maledies in our household before running straight to the doctor.  My all time favorite is the ear ache cure of lavender and tea tree!!  Yippee for no more antibiotics for silly ear infections!  As crazy as the weather has been, the kiddos ears have all been sore (mine included) but with a few treatments of essential oils all is well!!  LOVE THEM!!  For more information check out this GREAT resource I have found.  The Ananda Apothecary.  Check them out!  They are a true wealth of knowledge and offer some great products as well.

Happy February!