Monday, March 31, 2014

I'm back with another Sunday Funday....on a Monday

Linking up with Molly at Lucky to be in First and Deirdre at A Burst of First for Sunday Funday, where we fight the Sunday Blues by sharing some of the fun we had over the weekend! ( and catching up from Friday as well by Linking back up with Doodle Bugs Teaching  for Five 4 Friday!)

Wow! Is time flying by or what?!  I can't believe another Friday got by me without a post (slippin' on my commitment to blog weekly! shame! shame!)  But, I will try to redeem myself by giving you an update of all the fun that I have been having around here.

First, the count down is ON!  Open House is THIS week and the kiddos and teachers alike are SO ready!  Check out the cute hallway that our awesome aid put together!  (love her!!)

For those of you who have been following, these are the little astronauts that we made with the kiddos sweet little faces on them!  So cute!

We had the opportunity to make our own planets this week.  We took the extra large coffee filters and used washable markers to decorate however they wanted.  I put wax paper sheets under each to contain the ink.  Then we used spray bottles to spray with water.  The kiddos were directed to tilt their planets in various directions to create the desired effect of marker ink on their planet.  

After creating our planets, of course we had to name them! Creative juices were flowing and we had planets of all kinds from "Planet Coconut" to "Planet Ironman".  After naming them we made maps utilizing our letter of the week "X" for "x marks the spot".  We practiced our oral language skills, space vocabulary and positional words by describing their space maps to partners during circle chat.  It was a fun and meaningful activity that got the kiddos talking up a storm and using their imaginations!

Then we took some time to read a fun story with lots of rhyme, rhythym, and hilarity!  The kiddos enjoyed doing some cloze activities during the reading by filling in the rhyming word.  They are getting much better at this as the year progresses!!  After reading Don't Take Your Snake for a Stroll, we created snakes of our own design.  We talked briefly about snakes and why they might be different colors, etc.  But this was more of a fun activity.  Then we took our snakes on a "stroll" to look once again for the signs of Spring.  This ties back into our study of seasons and the revisiting this concept as our climate begins to once again change according to season.  As I walked with my kiddos I continued to question what signs their "snake" was observing.  They got a kick out of this and were readily responding with the observations of their snake. While this adds an element of fun and silliness to the activity of a nature walk, it also adds a degree of safety to voice any and all observations.  When your snake makes an observation that isn't quite what we were looking for, it's ok....That silly snake got mixed up!  I was so impressed with the things that my kiddos took notice of.  Of course the obvious things like flowers and green leaves were noted, but we also noticed different birds were back, the wind had picked up, and bees were returning!  What terrific observations!  I believe that encouraging our kiddos to be more observant about their environment fosters learning and curiosity.

That's the fun we had last week along with daily rehearsals for our singing performance for Open House this week!!  My weekend was just as full with a double Birthday celebration for my oldest, who is now double digits (does NOT seem possible!) and my youngest who is turning 5!!!  We had a delightful afternoon of creating masterpieces and fellowship with friends at the Art House of Mckinney.

We enjoyed cake...2 different kinds for 2 very different gals.  Now my 10 year old wanted a cookie cake that she decorated ALL on Her OWN!!  (you go girl!)  And my 5 year old wanted the enfamous Elsa from Frozen.  NO Laughing please!!  I gave it my best shot :)

What a great week with an even better weekend!!  And that's the 
News, Views & Stews of my week!  I hope your's was fabulous as well!!