Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sunday Funday; Fabulous Weekend Adventure

Linking up with Molly at Lucky to be in First and Deirdre at A Burst of First for Sunday Funday, where we fight the Sunday Blues by sharing some of the fun we had over the weekend!
My weekend began with attending a training on Friday!  It was inspiring and ended before it was over due to being called to pick up my baby girl (not so baby anymore) who had a fever!  Ugh.  So I left early, but not before getting credit and that all important certificate, Thank Goodness!  We had a really great presenter after our lunch break (which is always a tough spot to fill because attention has left the building) and she made me want to learn more about the program called Boys Town.  If you haven't heard of it, take some time to check it out.  It helps teach our kiddos of today the skills that we take for granted.  It explicitly teaches things like how to follow directions.  The example was so simple it instantly made me want to take the training.  It is especially great for working with those kiddos who LOVE to push the boundaries and make you want to pull all your hair out.

Example:  Today we are going to practice the skill of following directions.
Create a chart with cute pics/illustrations/ or photographs for each step.  
1.  Look the person in the eye
2.  Say OK
3.  And do it right away!

Let's Practice!  And she went through modeling each step with a helper and celebrating when someone followed the exact procedure.  Simple and brilliant all at the same time!  This woman was such a wealth of knowledge and had a beautiful heart for our students who are often overlooked and have the most difficulties not only in school but in life.  She is part of a beautiful program in our district called HOPE, that focuses on catching the kiddos young and giving them the social skills to survive not only in general education classes but out in the real world as well.  Enough school chat and onto more fun!

It was a beautiful day, despite the unexplained fever...and there were no other symptoms, so despite wishing I could spend the weekend caring for her, she had to be cared for on the road, because we had a trip to Houston scheduled that could not be rescheduled.  It's crazy what the third child has to live through compared to the first...but I promise I did everything I could to make sure she was well cared for...(I really think it's all allergy related because she felt fine as long as I control her temp).  

My eldest little lady was to be a surprise guest at her bestie's birthday bash!  They were heart broken when we moved, so us mamas worked it out so that they could be together for this special occassion!  The party was a "glam"ping party and it was a blast!  They by no means roughed it even a little bit.  The princesses set up a tent inside and had a ball doing make-overs, having over-the-top treats and dancing like crazy.  I'm not sure they slept much...but who needs sleep when you haven't seen your bestie in 6 mos!  So precious are friends...It really warms my heart to see my girls truly forming real and deep friendships with others that stand the test of time and distance!

Anywho, on to other adventures.  Speaking of friends that stand the test of time, while my daughter was living it up with her "bestie", I got to spend some long overdue time with dear friends of my own!  I put my other 2 tagalongs to bed and we had a slumber party of our own, talking, laughing, and just catching up on all that has happened since we last visited.  It is so good to share in the seasons of your friends lives.  I am so blessed to have such amazing people in my life.

I also got to catch up with our family back home and attend my niece's track meet!  It was great to see them and sneak into their busy weekend schedules for some hugs and love before they were off to their next event.

Then after a relaxing afternoon of lunch with family and friend we packed it all up and headed back home. It was a fast and furious trip (our stay was not even 24 hours).  On our trek back we finally did something we have said we were going to do since we moved to Texas!  We finally stopped and visited the Sam Houston statue!
 And that was my fun! (in case you were worried, my gut was right and my little one's fever was nothing to worry that mother's intuition!)  Hoping you had a terrific weekend as well!  Link up with Molly at Lucky to be in First and Deirdre at A Burst of First for Sunday Funday and share your adventures to brighten our day!!