Friday, February 28, 2014

Five For Friday: Wow! Where did the Week Go?

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Science Journaling for Preschoolers
I have always been a big fan of MEANINGFUL writing connections.  I find that students are more willing to produce quality work when they are interested in the topic or have had a meaningful experience with the topic of choice.  Getting my 90% boy class interested in practicing writing of any kind has been a challenge until....(drum roll please)  I introduced their Science Journals!  We began to record the basic concept of each experiment or lesson we had done that week and suddenly they weren't griping and whining about having to write words or draw detailed pictures! At first I thought it was a fluke.  Maybe because they were excited that it was a new little booklet.  But week after week they have willingly participated in writing in their science journals (which I might add is in ADDITION to their normal writing time) AND I have had absolutely NO complaints!!   Our entries are very basic, but then again I'm excited that they are processing their science lessons through written expression this early on!
Our topics in our journal so far have been as follows:
Ice Melts
Shadows and Light
Dinosaurs are Extinct
Wheels Roll
I'm still working on my cover for our journals so check back soon!

Celebrate Love

My "big kids" have had a week of celebrating love at school and have been practicing acts of random kindness. With all this paying it forward going on at the elementary level, I could not help but pass it on to my kiddos down at preschool. So we interviewed each kiddo and asked for examples of how they show loving kindness to others.  The answers are of course precious and dear!  Take a look for yourself.


Up Coming Open House Projects

I know it's probably cheating to make 3 and 4 on the same topics but they really are separate projects.  Our theme at school this year has been space.  So, needless to say, space projects are a must for our open house which is coming up the beginning of April.  Being that this is my first year at this school, I am kind of just along for the ride.  Sure I have an opinion every now and again, but really I'm just trying to figure out how things work here.  So as the space projects are thrown my way, I just make sure that my kiddos and I get done what we are supposed to get done and of course, that we have fun doing so.
We made name rockets and have started learning about constellations.  Trying to find preschool appropriate constellation lessons has been challenging.  I have had to make a few of my own because I just couldn't find what I was looking for.  Not sure how it will go but I will let you know. For a quick peek check out my store on TPT

Me a Coach?  You've got to be kidding!

So I am by no means a person you would call athletic!  Yet I find myself coaching my daughter's soccer and basketball team!  Oh the things we do for our children!  Coaching soccer was a lot of fun.  At this young age (pk-1) much of what we're teaching involves just kicking the ball in the correct direction.  So when she asked to do basketball and of course if I would coach her team, I answered like any parent would, "why YES, I'd love to!" (When in my head I am terrified because I know nothing about teaching others how to play a game that I can barely comment on while watching with any knowledge!)  However, I have somehow managed to make it through the season and our team (and I) are actually learning about basketball!  I am coaching as part of an Upward league and they have made it extremely easy for me to seem to be a knowledgeable and capable----dare I say it---coach.  To learn more about Upward Sports Ministry and Outreach opportunities, please visit their website at

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