Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Time for Tuesday's Tech Tip

I know that most of you probably know how to so this...but I'm sure someone out there is wanting to know how to post your blog link in a comment so that it is a hyperlink.  Now I have to give kuddos to all those bloggers who readily share information and this is by no means my own knowledge but what I have learned from other bloggers out there!  So in light of the spirit of blogging... and teaching for that matter,"share on"!  All the ever useful hyperlink takes is just a little bit of code.

Type your comments and add your name as usual.  On the next line you want to type <a href="URL of target site">anchor text</a>
The word "anchor text" is a description (the title of a blog, post, anything you want it to say) and is what will be displayed on a browser.  For example, the HTML for the hyperlink to my blog should be typed as:

<a href="http://mspughsnews.blogspot.com/">News, Views & Stews</a>

Try it out in the comments below!!  I'd love to visit your blogs!! Happy Linking!!