Friday, March 14, 2014

Five for Friday: March 14th Happy Pi Day!!

Linking back up with Doodle Bugs Teaching  for Five 4 Friday!
1.  Well the day had finally arrived to go out and celebrate my hubby's birthday.  He's not a big "deal" kind of person, so this is definitely a rarity in our household. We had tickets to the Dallas Stars team against our home team The Blue Jackets (from Columbus, OH).  We got a sitter for our 3 angels and
 went out to dinner on a Monday night....also a treat AND with adult company!  We had a delightful dinner and headed to the game where we settled in with our Nutty Bavarian treats to enjoy the game.  Now I have to emphasize the fact that getting my husband to agree to doing something for him is not an easy task, nor is finding the time in all our schedules.  So, the fact that this had all come together so beautifully was a miracle of sorts...until.... 6 minutes and 23 seconds into the game a player on the Stars team collapsed!  Scary!! Long story short, the game was postponed and we were home before 10.  Oh well!  We still got to have dinner out!

We created a background for our Name Rockets by stamping stars onto a black piece of construction paper.  It created a nice effect and will look great on our walls for open house!!

3.We created our astronauts for our hallway wall display guessed it, open house!  We decided that simple and cute was the way to go!

Obviously, the head is actually an adorable picture of each kiddo in an astronaut helmet!  Have I mentioned how much I LOVE my mac and the ability it gives me to manipulate images!!


We have read some really great books, but my kiddos really, REALLY loved this one!  Aliens Love Underpants!  Find it on my shelf in the sidebar.  After reading we had fun creating our own underpants to hang on a clothesline in our room.  My boys and girls alike got a real kick out of this entire experience.  I love bringing a book to life!  I'm thinking about printing a fun looking alien to hide in the underpants to see if the kiddos notice. Then we can discuss where it is using our location words such as on, under, between, above, etc.  Simple. Fun. Effective!

5.  As spring is beginning to bloom I wanted to take advantage of the beautiful weather we have been having.  To learn more about seasons and using our observation skills we used our handy dandy yoplait binoculars to go on a "signs of spring" hunt.  We were able to create a list of observations that we noticed of how things were changing, from the daffodils beginning to peak through and the wind picking up, to the sounds of new birds we can hear!  It was such a great activity and required very little prep!  My favorite observations were the beauty of the trees during this time.

And that was the News, Views & Stews of my fun-filled week.  Thanks for reading!