Friday, March 7, 2014

Wait...yep... it's March!

Don't forget to turn your clocks back tomorrow night!  Yep, tis the season where we "save" time, or more like throw that precious hour away!!  Oh well, it's Currently March and I'm linking up with Farley over at Oh' Boy Fourth Grade to share what's going on in my world!  If you haven't hopped on over to Farley's to check out her new design, you should!  Too Cute!  Y'all are making me jealous!


Yes, it's that song that everyone loves right now from the ever popular Frozen and my ladies just adore singing to the youtube video sing-a-long version!!

It continues to make me smile and chuckle watching them and their little faces and body language as they reinact this song even for the like 1000th time!!


We adopted a new fur baby about a month ago now in an attempt to help our older pup, Buckeye adjust to the move.  He's 11 and his new sister, Bonnie is about 1.5.  I am loving watching the 2 of them bond with one another and seeing his youthful side again! It's been the best thing we could have done for him!


Well we finally got our tax return filed and now I am dreaming at the possibilities!  I'm thinking bathroom upgrades but who knows!! I get so excited at the mere mention of home projects.  Home is definitely where the heart is, but it's best if you have a happy heart!  My heart loves to redecorate, remodel, or even just rearrange!!


Spring can not come soon enough!  I am growing weary of having cold toes, and fingers.  I'm tired of coats, gloves, scarves, and closed toed shoes!  Bring on the flip flops and sunshine!  This roller coaster of 70 degrees followed by freezing ice can stop anytime as well!


As always, there is too much to do in any one day!  I thought that this problem would go away when I dropped to working part-time, but somehow it has not! I thought that I would have dinner planned and my house would be clean....but somehow this is not the case I find myself in...How does this happen??  So, I find myself staying up late to get a few more things checked off of my "to-do" list and not getting my much needed "beauty" rest.  That SHOULD be my Lenten challenge!  Getting enough sleep would definitely mean sacrificing something.  Hmmm....


So I had a hard time coming up with something creative for this one.  7 is not my lucky number! I have come to believe that I have somewhat of a curse upon me when it comes to attracting terrible, uninsured drivers to me on the road.  I think that I am testing probability at this point.  I have been in 7 car wrecks, 2 of which were major resulting in hospital visits!  What are the odds?! (disclaimer...I have not been at fault for any of these, so no, it is NOT my driving).  I guess I'm just a sort of magnet.  Guess that's why carpooling has been such a challenge for me (heehee).

Well that's the News, Views & Stews of March for me!  Thanks for reading :)