Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Hallway Fun!

At the beginning of the year when we are covering our All About Me unit, I had my kiddos make what I lovingly refer to as, "Hallway Heads".  I must admit that this was not my original idea--but what is when it comes to teaching?!  These "Hallway Heads" are above their cubbies.  It was originally tied to a lesson on how we are the same yet very different!  We looked in mirrors to compare our eyes, nose, cheeks, dimples, etc.  We looked at details like skin color, freckles, glasses and more.  We talked about the different colors in our own heads of hair!  Then we took time to make a "mini me" of sorts for the hallway.  I prepped them by letting them know that these would be important ALL year long and that we were going to give our very best efforts.  These 4 and 5 year olds did AWESOME!!  I provided a tracer for the head and had a few different hair shapes for them to choose from as well.  We had a draw along, while I talked them through each part of their face and showed them different shapes for eyes, lips and noses.