Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Reverse Catch Up

I can hardly believe this year is already a thing of the past. I kept thinking that I would eventually get back to blogging....but here we are, and my last post was....well, last year!  I had an amazing year full of learning, challenges, and growth. I have implemented yet again new technology and utilized familiar technology in new ways. I'd like to begin with the end and work my way backwards through my year. If for no other reason than to help me reflect over the year's events and make notes to myself. 

We ended our year with a few earned "theme" days. We had a Read In Day and a Bring Your Own Center Day. 

These days were not only fun and engaging for the kiddos, but also allowed for teacher cleaning, organizing and packing up. Games are very educational. I did not allow electronic devices. I figured that these would be getting plenty of use this summer. I had one student who brought in cards and taught his friends how to play solitaire!  What a valuable game to know. 

How did we earn these days, you ask? We earned them with our class Dojo points!  This is an awesome app that is so easy to use and has had some pretty awesome updates this past year. My favorites have been their Big Ideas series. These have been a fabulously easy way to address growth mindset and the elasticity of the brain! My kiddos have truly embraced the power of YET!